Single Parent Hardship Loans

Are you looking for ways to find quick easy money because your landlord is pressing you for rent arrears or you do not have enough money this month for paying other bills? In life, many people are going to get into a situation where they run out of money and need cash urgently to cope with their living expenses. If you want to find financial help for single mothers with low income, to look at what types of single mom loans you can borrow quickly without worrying about the credit requirements, I’ll discuss a few types of legitimate cash loans. For example, hardship loans for low income and how you can try get them.

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Loans For Single Moms With Poor Credit

If you need to find quick easy ways to take out a personal loan for single moms, the first choice is always to borrow from a bank but you are going to need to have good credit. What if you don’t? For that, you need loans with bad credit.

One way to borrow cash now is an online signature loan. This is an unsecured lending with no need for collateral and is available to people who have a poor credit rating (score below 560). When you have such scores, it makes things difficult to take a low interest rate bank loan or any unsecured line of credit.

Quick Loans For Unemployed Mothers

With online loans for bad credit, you don’t need collateral to secure against the borrowing. Instead, the contract is purely on your signature or promise. Loan companies will look at your employment history and you should have a current job to qualify for easy loans for single moms with bad credit. These are income-based lending so even legit lenders need to be convinced that you are working and able to pay back the borrowed cash.

If you need single mom loans for bad credit, you must be aware that the funds should be taken only in an emergency – these are not free money. Find out at if you really need to borrow money now and never take more than you need, or above your salary scale. These are high risk loans, watch out for the fees and high interest rates. Don’t get blinded by the misleading advertisements tempting you with happy carefree scenaios after signing for their loans.

Interest rate on bad credit loans are inevitably higher than what you usually get from a bank. Yet, there is a way to find better lending terms and conditions. You can use a co-signer, for example by asking your friend or family member to act as guarantor, to help you in the loan review. Just ensure that the cosigner has a good credit rating and you should be able to get a better deal on emergency loans for single mothers.

Financial Support For Unemployed Teen Mothers

So what other type of financial aid can be considered? If you want to find support and know how to get money for young mothers who are unemployed, you can either use a pawn loan. For short term borrowing, you can take a small loan till payday. A pawn loan is very useful for those who want to borrow money after bankruptcy or need an emergency loan but currently unemployed. Some pawnbrokers do run a credit check on their customers, though you should not need them to show proof of income for small cash loans. These are good for temporary fixes – relatively easy to get loans for the unemployed. So if you are a single mother with no job and need a loan fast, you can use your jewelry or a luxury watch as collateral to borrow personal loans under $1000.

Same Day Decision Loans For Single Moms On Benefits

But if you are a working mother and just want a quick loan to solve a short term financial crisis, you can find 1500 payday loans for single moms instead. This is a mini cash advance useful for those times when you need more cash between your paychecks. You can borrow up to 1500 dollars and have around 30 days to pay back. If you go on to the internet and borrow, the process is very simple and fast because there is just a quick credit check so you just have to visit the webpages of online payday loan lenders and fill up their forms. If you just want to take a $500 loan, you can expect same day approval, meaning to say your request can be approved usually within 24 hours and you can get your money by the next business day (earliest estimate).

A payday loan lender will typically let you borrow from $100 up to an amount of $1000 dollars, and you may connect with one via If you need a fast payday loan, consider first if you are confident you have the ability to repay the amount in full. Due to the simple and easy approval process, some young single working moms have unwittingly fallen into the trap of borrowing too much high interest loans and end up rolling the debt, extending the payment date, incurring very high charges in the process.

Government Aid For Single Mothers

Besides these single mom loans, there are federal grants for mothers. Many government assistance programs are available as grants and scholarships, other than government lenders that can help you. Take an example: for low income borrowers, there are free money assistance from government such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for food stamp vouchers.

Support for single dads and mums are also available from not-for-profit support groups so if you are seeking out benefits and assistance other than bad credit loans, ensure you be well-informed of the diverse choices.

Always drum it to your head that bad credit loans for single moms are designed only to help you temporarily. To seek proper financial assistance for single parents, you should look at government grants or state help programs. These government-backed organizations for women usually have schemes to help you cope better in life. You can use them to further your education or find a home for your family. Another area you can find cash assistance is from non-profit organizations for women. There are many such initiatives around so don’t feel embarrassed asking for help.

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